Who we are

About  the Tulip Travel foundation

Over the last 18 years Tulip Travel has been providing unique travel opportunities to those in our community with developmental disabilities and mobility impairments.  At Tulip Travel our guiding principal is the belief that everyone regardless of disability can benefit from a well-planned vacation.

Since our inception in 1998 Tulip Travel has provided over 8,000 vacation experiences to members of our community who otherwise would not be able to experience Disney World, New York City or even a Buffalo Bills or Yankee game.  We take great pride in creating vacation experiences that support every level of ability so the level of disability is rarely a limitation.

However, in spite of all our efforts there are still members in our community for which taking a vacation is just a dream. Although we do everything possible to keep our cost of vacations as reasonable as possible, the cost of providing the professional care, special equipment and extra staffing can shut some disabled members of our community out of these lifetime experiences.  In addition recent State and Federal budget tightening has only made it more difficult for many in the disabled community to afford and live their dream.

To help relieve this situation and further our mission we have founded the Tulip Travel Foundation (a NYS 501 C (3) ) set up solely to raise money needed to include those otherwise unable to afford these life changing vacation experiences. Your 100% tax-deductible donation will go directly to providing the needed financial assistance to those otherwise unable to afford a supervised dream vacation.

Your donation can provide an experience of a lifetime. Our travelers look forward to their vacation months in advance as they plan and prepare for their trip, the joy of the actual experience and create memories of a lifetime.  It is only with your generosity that the world can be opened for many travelers with special needs.

We believe we have set a modest first year goal to raise the funds necessary to provide trips for five travelers requiring extraordinary care.  We ask for your support in achieving this goal by making a donation to the Tulip Travel Foundation.

Leo de Ruijter
Executive Director